Restaurant Technology

Restaurant technology 
with a brain

We know what it’s like to be in the weeds – when the kitchen’s backed up and you’re behind on tables for your next seating. We’ve been there. That’s why we’ve designed a smart table management system that gets more diners into the same number of seats, and paces them to keep you ahead of the crowd.

The moves you need

Say hello to our freestyle system, an evolution of table management that brings together the control of slot and the ease of flex. It’s the extra pair of hands you need, and works alongside you to make the smartest use of your floor.

Dead space

Dead space?
Never heard of it

With our freestyle system, we can shuffle your reservations to minimize dead space, and make room for more diners and more revenue.

Party of four

Party of four?
Definitely that 4-top

Our freestyle system makes smart decisions based on the big picture, and assigns tables to fill all the seats—and to keep more table options open.

Sun's Out Shades out

Sun's Out? Shades out

We’re setup to make single-day edits in one simple tap without hacking the system, so you can easily open your books to patio reservations on that surprise sunny-and-65 day in February.

The stats you want

We sort through your data and present findings you can work with, so you can make informed decisions about your business.

Down to the details

Down to the details

From helping you to better understand table turns to quoting more accurate wait times, we’ll turn complex stats into the actionable insights that matter most to your restaurant.

Down to the diner

Down to the diner

Know your customer even before they arrive. We’ll tell you everything—from how they found you to the things they like, so you can reach them in the most compelling ways and turn them into regulars.

Bang for your buck

We know that value matters most in every choice you make, which is why we deliver real results that improve your bottom line.


Flat monthly fee

A straightforward pricing model with no cover fees

No licensing fees

No licensing fees

Install the software on as many iPads as you need

Access the app from anywhere — 
your home, back office, and front of 

No long term contract

No long-term contract

Month-to-month term

Cancel anytime if your needs change

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