Eden Kanowitz

Marketing Manager at James Beard Foundation in New York, NY

"We've now successfully completed a couple of marketing campaigns that are showing up in our analytics! This is a HUGE improvement from where we were in the past, and I am really excited to utilize this feature going forward. All of us at JBF really appreciate the extra assistance you've provided in the onboarding process; the transition has been seamless thanks to all of your efforts!"

Kate Jacoby

Owner/Operator of Vedge, V Street, and Wiz Kid in Philadelphia, PA

"I put Reserve through the wringer when I vetted them, reading the agreement line by line. They haven't upped the price, haven't included weird charges or anything like that. The system has been tight — no issues with outages or anything like that. Excellent customer service. No impact on our ressie numbers. So I can't point my finger at anything negative. But I can say that I smile, broadly, every time I think about the nearly 3 grand we're saving each month by working with Reserve. We racked up some serious bills with OT, and I'm so glad we switched when we did. We're opening in DC in early 2018, and yes, we'll be booking through Reserve!"

Victor Dooley Moyer

DOO of Primrose in Washington, DC

"My favorite features are all about on the spot changes. Whether I need to move a pre-assigned table in the middle of service, override our reservations settings, or temporarily block online reservations altogether, the ability to control reservation flow on both macro and micro levels is essential! I love that I can make split second decisions regarding the flow of traffic and keep chaos at bay. And the support is unparalleled. I am constantly learning how to perfect the set up and use tools more effectively, making our team more confident and better prepared."

Genevieve Hardison

Director of Operations of Josef Centeno Group in Los Angeles, CA

"We love Reserve, and are so happy to have made the switch from UReserv. We find it much more user friendly, and have had no issues with it whatsoever. Staff loves the ease of use and we love the updated, current feel of it. Keeping track of guests across the restaurants has never been easier."

John Kessen

Owner/Partner of Hungry Mother Restaurant Group in Boston, MA

“Reserve is a cost-effective reservation system with a committed support team of industry professionals and an intuitive interface for restaurant employees.”

Brooke Bartlett

GM/Events Director of Mindy's HotChocolate in Chicago, IL

"We have already saved SO MUCH MONEY! We are an extremely busy restaurant and we were averaging $1200 a month with Open Table! Our busiest month was $2000. That is some SERIOUS SAVINGS! It seems like we are doing the same amount of covers as we did with Open Table, but I will say we had our BEST DECEMBER (in sales) that we have ever had so maybe that's partly due to Reserve? We LOVE Reserve and will definitely recommend to our other restaurant friends!"

Daniell Sanfilippo

DOO of Bien Trucha Group in Chicago, IL

"Reserve makes our host staff much more efficient, so much so we have been able to cut labor costs by having fewer on the floor at a time. Also, Reserve has made training new hosts and managers so easy with its user friendly and intuitive platform."

Nina Rose Abbonizio

Manager of VStreet in Philadelphia, PA

"From day one, it has always felt like their support team has been keeping an eye on our business and looking for ways to hone and improve, always with the understanding that every business has its own unique type of service and operation. I would recommend Reserve to all of my favorite restaurants because they truly understand how to bridge the gap between giving the guest an easy to use system for booking their reservations, and providing the restaurant with a program that allows us to better understand our guest’s experience and maximize our space.”

Kate Bannasch

Co-Owner and GM of Copper Crown in Asheville, NC

"Compared to OT, the data we receive from Reserve is amazingly thorough. The ability to track turn times, as well as observe trends over time has proven incredibly invaluable in creating space for more business. The communication options with guests has allowed us to better manage our book without an increase in our time spent doing so. We have been able to reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations and have seen more stability in numbers overall. Between the intuitive nature of the program, the data options, and the fact that this system was created with the focus on the benefit to the restaurant, as opposed to the guests, the cost is beyond worth it. Reserve truly is the future."

Caleb Ganzer

Head Sommelier at La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels in New York, NY

"Our cover counts didn’t go down, if anything, they went up! Also, depending on your concept, you may lose access to a pool of clients but that’s not necessarily your target market. More and more we realized that OT is just a means of booking and nothing more."

Emily Sher

General Manager at Cellar Door Provisions in Chicago, IL

“The algorithm is incredibly helpful to our small restaurant. We don’t have a host and the algorithm picks up a lot of the tasks I found myself doing when we were working off the slots but is obviously more attentive and maximizes the restaurant’s capacity. It saves me so much time!"

Ty Fujimura

Owner of Entente and Arami in Chicago, IL

"The overall ease of securing and confirming reservations saves us a lot of time. And the pricing of the product has also made a huge impact on our bottom line. The support from Reserve is unparalleled. They really work as a partner in ensuring maximum benefit from the product."

Brandon Hanson

GM of The Cooper Lounge in Denver, CO

“Why wouldn’t you want to pay less for better service and a better product? Don’t allow someone to convince you that you need any particular system to bring in the covers that you have seen in the past, it’s simply not true. Reserve has offered us unparalleled service, a high level of functionality and everything that I could want for reporting.”

Michael Young

Assistant General Manager at Bad Hunter in Chicago, IL

“The most important thing for me about Reserve is how much of an impact the system has made on our business. We are able to accommodate so many more covers everyday due to the brilliant algorithm.”

Lucas Chapman

Director of F&B at City Mouse in Chicago, IL

"Reserve helped us optimize our table turns in a more efficient manner. We have gone from a 50/50 reservation/walk-in split to 60/40 reservation/walk-in. The backend dashboard is very user friendly and can easily be adjusted, if needed. I would certainly advise any restaurant to give Reserve a shot. With the continuing developments, I feel Reserve is making strides to better assist restaurant utilization and revenue growth."

Whitney Burke

GM of Rick Bayless' Frontera Grill, Topolobampo, XOCO in Chicago, IL

"We signed up for Reserve for a variety of reasons. One was pricing; they are very competitive. Mainly, it was their passion. They truly wanted to work with us and you could sense that. Their attention to detail and their follow through is exceptional and refreshing. It also seemed to be the direction of the industry. Restaurants that make a statement in an important way were trending towards Reserve."

Glenn Hanbury

GM of Tiger Fork in Washington, DC

"The level of engagement and transparency are unparalleled versus any other reservations system and they are growing exponentially in all the right ways."

Vincent Palmero

GM of Canoe in Atlanta, GA

“The algorithm has been great. We have not seen a decline in covers. In fact, we have an uptick on Fridays, Saturday, and Sundays. We have seen a more consistent flow to how the restaurant is booked since the system is smarter than we are at managing table inventory. It has no inhibitions, it follows the inventory, pacing and turns that we built, using that information it maximizes our space in ways we wouldn't have.”

Brian Givens

Floor Manager at Roberta's in New York, NY

“With the ease of the product, our hosts are able to quickly enter guests and their information. This allows us to add more people to our list, accurately figure out wait times, and make more guests happy in the long run.”

Doug Neff

General Manager at Kevin Rathbun's Steak in Atlanta, GA

“One of my favorite aspects of Reserve is the Freestyle system. Moving our restaurants away from a slot based system to a system that works with a seating algorithm has been a game changer. It frees up tremendous time for me from managing large party requests, and gives me confidence that our seats and reservation times are being maximized.”

Kevin Westmoreland

Owner of Chestnut and Corner Kitchen in Asheville, NC

"In our two locations, we see roughly 300,000 guests a year and take reservations for every meal. It is vitally important that our reservation software is solid as a rock and, when we need it, support is there to help. So far, Reserve has filled both requirements. Reserve works on our iPads and desktop PCs without any issue and without any odd licensing requirements. If we want to use it on 10 iPads throughout the restaurants, we can. No muss, no fuss. The app for guests is also elegant and simple to use. And we have seen no dip in our reservation totals with the change from our old software. Overall, we are very pleased with our switch to Reserve. The added bonus is that they listen to their clients and are updating the product in useful ways regularly. We’re looking forward to working with them as we continue to expand our business."

Cindy Shera

GM of The Shed at Glenwood and The Pig and The Pearl in Atlanta, GA

"OpenTable left their paying customers in the dust a long time ago to pursue more revenue at our expense. I needed to find an affordable reservation system where new and old customers could comfortably find me. Reputable restaurants using the same system was a must as was removing ourselves from a review site. This was the perfect fit. Great restaurants, no reviews, and enough marketing to help us find new customers. I have tried at LEAST 3 other services while trying to ditch OpenTable. This is the one I stuck with. To me, this is the one that may push OpenTable out of the way for good. I love it."

Adrienne Lo

Owner of The Fat Rice and The Ladies’ Room at Fat Rice in Chicago, IL

“The fixed cost per month as opposed to a per reservation fee has been incredibly impactful. The amount I used to pay per month was astronomical which had a huge effect on our bottom line, making it very hard to turn a profit. Where I used to almost want to limit the amount of reservations because I had to pay per reservation, this has allowed us to fill our books every night without the fear of the bill at the end of the month.”

John Kessen

Owner/Partner of Hungry Mother Restaurant Group in Boston, MA

"We opened 2 restaurants with Reserve and switched one seamlessly from Opentable. One of my biggest concerns in choosing a reservation system is the efficiency of the user interface. I had tested multiple systems and found them to be very difficult to use in the context of a busy service. Reserve’s interface is very smooth, with an exceptionally intelligent algorithm, and great guest database capabilities."

Collin Moody

Owner of Income Tax in Chicago, IL

"Our team really likes Reserve's algorithm as we don't have to manage all of our slots on a day to day basis. When we opened, we were on Reserve's slot product, and while we had control, it was a lot of manual adjustment. The new V2 flex makes it so much easier because we still have all of that control with the additional help of the algorithm. Yes, we make adjustments here and there, but the algorithm is really smart and works in our favor in plotting out our room so our team can focus on other things. Additionally, the new dashboard on Reserve is amazing for being able to manage and anticipate reservation needs that come up while away from the restaurant, allowing myself and my team constant access."

Brendan McGrew

Owner of Bourbon Blue in Philadelphia, PA

“Reserve is a great platform to use to help streamline operations. Being able to give realtime feedback and have an impact on a system that is constantly being updated as a result of that feedback is a great thing. The cost savings versus other systems is phenomenal as well.”

Jenica Flippo

GM of Oak at Fourteenth in Boulder, CO

"The Reserve team has been extremely supportive since day one. From walking us through set-up, blasting out social media, getting us on board and continuously checking in to see how we are doing and if we need anything from them and how they can improve. When they are in town, they make it a point to meet with us and have face to face conversations about Reserve. They listen to our concerns and suggestions on how to make Reserve even more restaurant and diner friendly. The Intercom feature is great because it offers real time help. We usually get a response within a few minutes allowing us to be more efficient and productive on our end."

Liz Button

DOO/Owner of Heirloom Group (Curate, Nightbell) in Asheville, NC

"There's so much innovation and diversity in apps, and Reserve is one of the best. Chefs have been incorporating tools that seemed daunting in the past (like sous vide and immersion circulators) since they learned that these tools save time and money and result in a better product. This is exactly what Reserve has done for us. It’s got all the amenities of a pricier system with the great service and one-on-one support of a small business."

Danielle Kuck

GM of Merriman's Kapalua in Maui, Hawaii

"With the switch over, I was really worried that we would see a dip in cover counts as our guests became accustomed to the new booking process and because we would be losing our OpenTable marketing. Instead, we have seen an increase in cover counts over prior year’s numbers. In addition, we are so pleased that many of the updates have included really helpful tools and the system keeps improving. I feel like Reserve is really listening to us and taking us seriously, and have rolled out many of our requests in recent updates."

Joju Goto

GM of Kusakabe in San Francisco, CA

“Reserve is the smartest table management system I've ever used. Its complexities have allowed us to trust the system's ability to book our dining room exactly how we want it booked. It’s the most advanced table management system out there, especially when considering system "intelligence" and user-flexibility. Highly recommended.”

Kyle Davidson

GM of Elske in Chicago, IL

"Reserve is a very flexible and user friendly software that allows me to make as many or as few adjustments as I'd like, allowing me to extend our hours and reservations on holidays, reconfigure the dining room, or make single day modifications without needing assistance. It crushes the competition on price, and all of their momentum is leading towards a network of like minded restaurants and their guests exposed to your place unclouded by an attempt to sell you a reservation. Reserve's support team is also its unquestioned strength and through all of the variables and challenges of running a restaurant there has been quick and helpful responses from each level. "

Malory Scordato

GM of Eataly Chicago Group in Chicago, IL

"Since we brought Eataly Chicago’s four restaurants onto Reserve in early 2017, our covers have remained very strong and we’re as busy as ever. From an operations perspective, Reserve is SO easy to use – our host teams love it and the back-end interface makes it very easy to adjust your reservation books or even create special events. It was 100% worth the switch and will save your restaurant a ton of money which you can use in so many valuable ways. Oh, and Reserve’s support team is phenomenal!"

Maggie Bondi

AGM at Acorn in Denver, CO

“I cannot say enough great things about Reserve's support team. Being able to open a chat with them whenever we need is absolutely ideal. I cannot tell you the number of times in the past when I've had to walk off of the floor in a busy service in order to call our previous reservation management system. I know who to call, text, and email in every situation and they are always there to help us, no matter the time. I could go on and on. Five Stars. Two thumbs up. Very pleased."

Peter Montague

Owner of Zambra Tapas in Asheville, NC

"I'm a crazy reservation micro-manager. I was extremely skeptical any reservation software would have the 'AI' to match me. Weekends are like Tetris. But Reserve has FAR exceeded my expectations. I probably save about 4 hours a week all together. Honestly, I hardly even look at the weekend during the week anymore because I trust the software...pretty amazing. The greatest perk though has been diverting most of the crazy fees OpenTable was charging back to my staff … raises for everyone! Thank you, Reserve!"

Alyssa Patt

DOO of Heisler Hospitality in Chicago, IL

"From the on-boarding and support to the relationships we’ve built with their team, Reserve is there for all of our guest management and reservation needs. The product is incredibly flexible and intuitive on the backend, which has saved us time and money. The ability to share guest and reservation information across our properties has served as a valuable tool for Heisler."

Sara Leveen

Owner/Manager of Hanoi House in New York, NY

"Reserve's waitlist function is quick, clear, and effective. People are surprised how quickly the texts go through and we can easily message international numbers. The text content is completely custom."

Jason Darby

General Manager of BoccaLupo in Atlanta, GA

"With Reserve, we've been able to tailor our books to our needs and maximize seating without sacrificing service. Texting to confirm reservations saves a ton of time and labor. The booking algorithm allows us to have a steady flow in service without leaving any dead space. But the best thing Reserve has to offer is their customer service. They LISTEN, they RESPOND, and they make updates based on NEEDS. Reserve has a good thing going and I can't wait to see what they do next.

Patrick Cullen

Owner of Presidio in Chicago, IL

“We were early adopters in our market when OpenTable was still the giant. Initially we were concerned that we would lose the support of OpenTable's user network by leaving for a smaller (at the time!) platform. After our first few months, we saw no decrease in online reservation bookings. More importantly, we have saved several thousand dollars a month as a result of not having to pay a fee for each cover booked through the reservation platform.”

Carrie Blease

Owner and GM of Lord Stanley in San Francisco, CA

"Our relationship with Reserve feels very personal; they understand the specifics of our business and how we run. There was an adjustment when we made the transition to the updated system, but after a close eye and fine tuning for the first few weeks, we felt the system improved the way we manage our bookings."

Liza Schreiner

GM of Vinegar Hill House in New York, NY

“We would recommend Reserve to anyone who has care for their customers and wants each one to have a memorable experience in their restaurant. Reserve allows you to build a knowledge base around your customers that allows you to transform guests into regulars on their second entrance into the restaurant. Being able to track customers dining time, reservation history, and social media presence is an amazing tool for restaurant owners, and has allowed us to build meaningful relationships with our customers that turns them from first-timers, to repeat customers, and to regulars.”

Jeff Van Der Tuuk

GM of Dusek's in Chicago, IL

"Make the switch to Reserve and you will save money and create more revenue."

Paul O'Neill

Professor at Drexel Academic Bistro in Philadelphia, PA

“The ease and mobility of the system, the rapid response from the support team, and the lack of binding contracts make it a far superior product than the competitor who shall not be named.”

Phil Yu

Former General Manager of Shojo in Boston, MA

“One of my favorite features of Reserve is the program's ability to auto-assign reservations to tables before the start of a shift. I didn't realize the impact of this feature until we hired a new host with very minimal experience. I didn't feel comfortable with him spreading out the reservations to set the pacing for the shift but the program did it autonomously which was very awesome.”

Lindsey Jackson

AGM of C. Ellet's Steakhouse in Atlanta, GA

“Reserve is modern, user friendly and easily accessible.”

Darren McGraw

Chef/Owner of Ampersand Wine Bar in Chicago, IL

"Switching to Reserve is a great way to reinvest money into more meaningful restaurant expenses, and their rapidly growing network in the city helps ensure that guests are already familiar with the platform. The switch has certainly been worth it both from a financial and operational perspective."